SL02NX - Saladette

SL02NX - Saladette

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    Inside and outside made of Stainless Steel, except for the external bottom made of Galvanized Steel. Internal rounded corners. Insulation in CFC free polyurethane high pressure injected. Insulation thickness: 40 mm. Self-closing doors with magnetic gaskets. Electronic front control panel with NTC probe. Static cooling with air shaker. Tropicalized and extractable condensing unit (ambient temperature +43°C and relative humidity of 65%) with gas R404A/R507. Automatic defrosting and condense water evaporation. Easy opening engine compartment for inspection and cleaning of the condenser. Adjustable plastic feet (80/110 H mm). Standard set up: 1 Rilsan grid GN 1/1 and 2 Stainless Steel Runners “L” for each door.

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