About Us


Quality of components, customer service, reliability over time.
Our company was founded over twenty-five years ago to offer machines for professional catering to the Italian and international market, distinguished by these characteristics.
A goal to which we have remained faithful until today and that has allowed us to grow continuously.
Today's company was born from the merger of two different brands that represent specialized production lines: GAM for the design and manufacture of cutters and vegetable shredders, GAM & Company for the production of ovens and mixers.
We are certain that only in this way our equipment will always be able to maintain high quality standards that have made them appreciate in many countries of the world.

Another important feature of the company is certainly the long experience gained alongside those who use our machines day after day.
For this reason we know, for example, that it is essential to guarantee all customers a fast and complete assistance over the years. But not only.
Thanks to the precious indications that come from those who rely on our brand, the project department is able to develop equipment not only more and more accurate in terms of materials and technical solutions, but also more attentive to those details that in all conditions improve practicality of use and safety.

In this way, the GAM International brand is a guarantee for another advantage for all our customers: the unique and unrepeatable value that arises from the experience of Italian restaurateurs and pizza chefs, known worldwide for the passion and care with which they realize the their creations.
An incomparable wealth of knowledge with which our company is confronted every day, becoming the ideal partner for all those who want to achieve excellence.